Terms and conditions of service

Terms and conditions of service
In my home, my abode :

Users are permitted to access and use the Website for commercial or other legal purposes. The Site or any information, services or products may not be used or misused for malicious, illegal or illegal purposes , like : Sending violent, threatening, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, illegal or illegitimate materials. Transferring any data that contains viruses, spyware or other harmful programs with premeditation and knowledge. Tampering with data and information, and attempting to modify or destroy any security or documentation measures.
“My Home My Maskani” is not responsible for any content posted on the site, sent through it, or linked to it, nor can it be taken as a reliable document in any way..
“My Home My Mask” reserves the right to : Refuse to trade, display, move or delete any content posted on the site.
“My Home Home” endeavors to update the site regularly, and may change the content at any time. However, any part of the Content may expire at any time, and we are under no obligation to update such material.
*All topics and responses presented do not reflect the opinion of the My Home My Maskny site, but rather express the opinion of its author, and the decision to buy and sell is your sole responsibility

Prepaid ads :
Users wishing to include paid content on the site will be directed to a third party site to complete the online payment process. Upon receipt of payment confirmation from the website of the party responsible for processing the payment, My Home Maskani will include the paid content in the appropriate section of the website..
Under no circumstances shall “My Home My Home” be obligated to refund any payments made in connection with prepaid advertisements..
Betty Maskny is not responsible for any content provided by one user that infringes the property rights of another user.
If you become aware of any content that you believe infringes your property rights or that of another party, you can notify My Maskny Home through the website's email, mobile phone or mailbox..
Site commission : The site gets a commission of 1% From the price of the commodity sold through the site and paid by the advertiser, and it is his trust. If the sold commodity is a real estate commodity, and it has more than one broker, then the site is one of the brokers, and shares the commission with them. This condition is a binding agreement, according to which the site is entitled to claim this commission.

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